I saw Anna. 11yr old. Female. Green big eyes…
Hair loss ( due to Chemo ). But feeling well and walking to the machine. Eyes ??

5400cGy/30 prescribed

She had presented with expanding left neck mass with cranial nerves palsie —> 7, 10 , 12

Then I saw Dardan.

15yr old. Male. Feeling well. ECOG 0.
Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Started to have increasing redness in left eye. Left upper lid edema. Slightly limited adduction @ left side.
Large hyperemic mass; firm; elevated; non-mobile; non-tender; disrupting medial canthal architecture of the plica towards the crancule and extended over the limbus!
Tumor appeared quite vascular!
Fundal Exam —> Infranasal orbital mass displacing scleral, choroid, retina ==> Proptosis
18-20mm @ US
Biopsy —> Embryonal Rhbadomyosarcoma
EBRT via IMRT : 4500cGy/25 in two phases : 3780/21 + 720/4
Because of chance of increased peri-orbital edema from RT Prednisone 60mg/day was started.
Started with severe proptosis. After 10fr double vision gone and no proptosis —> Had to have repeat CT-Sim


In after care clinic I saw another survivor from Rhabdomyosarcoma Parotid Left… Doing well.

** Be careful .

تا ببینم که سرانجام چه خواهد بودن

I am still not sure how I got here. Here! I mean the point I am standing right now…

I am not very old but not very young any more… I have learned a lot. I have seen a lot. And if one thing I have learned in this world is that everything / every emotion / every status / every object is meant to end at some point and you barely have control on it…

I am not an English speaking person! I am not anglophone. I am however studying in an English institute in North America. I am not sure if I can develop this website in the way I'd like. But I will try. It makes studying a bit more fun…

At the moment I am not really hoping anyone come across this website as it's TOO immature… But if by any chance you come, I welcome you and I hope you find what you are searching for, if not here somewhere else soon :)